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A Melbourne-based hairstylsting service that specialises in everything effortless - from the service you receive, to the hairstyle on your head.


Jayteehair values open, two-way communication and high quality service. Therefore from the moment you receive a quote, we will ensure that you know exactly what to expect and you won't be left wondering what you need to do next because we will communicate everything to you. We also take the time to listen to your thoughts and concerns so that we can help create the style that you've envisioned for your wedding. You'll not only be looking your very best, but you'll also be feeling like an absolute queen without a single worry in your mind.

"Cannot thank you enough for being an absolute dream on my hair, and my bridal party as well. You are nothing short of amazing! Thank you.

- Mala

the stylist

I'm Jennifer - better known as Jenn. I am the bubbly friend who is always up for a spontaneous and fun adventure; but also the mum of the group that makes sure everyone is safe.


If I wasn't a hairstylist, I would probably be someone's personal assistant because I love everything and anything to do with organising.

Outside of work, you might find me dancing around on a pole - my preferred form of exercising; or more likely, you'll find me stuffing my face with some good food. My top favourite foods would hands down be either a burger or Japanese cuisine.

The most important thing you should know about me is that I absolutely ADORE baby elephants -insert heart eyes-

"I just wanted to thank you again for doing an amazing job. You were so great and comfortable to talk to, pretty much like talking to a friend the whole time."

- Sophie

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been creative and loved all things hands on. I enjoyed drawing; painting; scrapbooking; sewing; and making jewellery boxes out of scrap cardboard pieces (if you know, you know). Creativity and art always followed me wherever I went and I have always followed it as I’ve grown older.


However, coming out of high school, I didn’t think that I was creative or talented enough in anything to pursue a creative career path. I thought I wouldn’t be able to find a secure job. So instead, I ventured into psychology - a career path I chose just for the sake of choosing something that might bring me a stable future. A few years later and I came out of university with a Masters in Counselling. But honestly, I hated it. I definitely could not see myself going down this career path.


Somewhere in the midst of my schooling years, I would watch makeup tutorials on YouTube - a new form of creativity that I had never experienced when I was younger, but was now old enough to explore. Having practised on myself all the time, I got fairly good at it and would always have pretty makeup for all my special occasions. My hair on the other hand - not so pretty. And so, you’ve guessed it, I started watching YouTube tutorials on how to style hair. This time, I practised on my sister and she would always have a nice hairstyle for all her special occasions.


In 2016 my cousin was getting married. She had noticed that I had become my sisters personal hairstylist and asked if I was able to style her hair and her bridal party for her wedding. Of course I said yes! This sparked an idea my mind - I thought that maybe I could become a wedding hairstylist instead of a counsellor.


My hobby soon became my passion - I wanted to learn more about hairstyling; the different braids, techniques and tools. I would style anyone’s hair if the opportunity presented itself. Then my passion became my dream - I wanted to style women’s hair for weddings and special occasions. I wanted to help make them look and feel beautiful.


In 2017 after I had graduated from my Masters degree, I decided to make my dream a reality. I thought of a name; jumped onto Instagram and created an account. And thus, jayteehair was born.

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